The writer of this series has over a decade of experience as an advocate for people living with serious cerebral illness, believes that sensible gun sale reforms are needed, and supports a ban on assault weapons. —

(This post is part 1 of 4 in a series about cerebral illness and violence)

Every time there’s another mass shooting, there’s yet another eruption of discussion on gun control and when the shooter is said to have a history of “mental health” problems, some lip service to the topic of “mental health”. The time has come to consider violence prevention beyond…

About Vaginismus…and a Brief History of “Hysteria” —

The mission of NASNIcares is to push back against psychologization of medical conditions that have biological causation. The primary focus is on so-called mental illnesses, something that only exists as a metaphor. Some of the most serious so-called mental illnesses are certainly not metaphorical, that is why a grassroots network of advocates would like to see the term “mental illness” cancelled. Cerebral illness is the preferred term because it does not mislead about the essential nature of the medical conditions . Cerebral denotes ‘brain’. …

(part 4 of 4 in a series about cerebral illness and violence) —

The Kendra Webdale Tragedy

In 1999 Kendra Webdale was killed when she was pushed off a New York City subway platform and into the path of a train. Kendra Webdale did not have to die. We know that Andrew Goldstein killed her, but what else killed her?

Goldstein had been hospitalized 13 times and each time he was medicated and discharged to live alone in a squalid basement apartment. Social workers assigned to his case tried to place him in state hospitals, in state-financed group homes…

(part 3 of 4 in a series about cerebral illness and violence) —

After emergent enlightened understanding and progress was curtailed and concepts of so-called mental disorders regressed, public policies soon followed.

Once grave neurologic conditions had become psychologized, and medical no more, anyone can be an authority on what’s best for the so-called mentally ill. Anyone waging a war on the so-called medical model can commandeer allies, recruits, and proxies to propagate an agenda to remodel public policies.


Deinstitutionalization was a government policy that turned patients out of state hospitals. The goal was for this population to…

The Mental Hygiene, Consumer, and Recovery Movements that Demedicalized and Politicized Serious Neurologic Disorders.

(part 2 of 4 in a series about cerebral illness and violence) —

Social justice movements are often built on a foundation of reframing societal conversations around the words we use to understand and talk about things.

The four posts in this series assert that the conflation of mental health with serious cerebral illness and the demedicalization of these medical conditions has deranged public policies to the effect that they not only kill the so-called mentally ill as the late D.J. Jaffe suggested, they are…


Raising Awareness, Advocating for Change

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